God can change your plans at a moment’s notice! 2021 challenged us as a family and re-look at our priorities. We have been missing in action. A lot of drama during 2020-2021. Two days before 2021 we moved to the sticks. We did this move to help my wife’s mother and her brother who has been acting as caretaker for the last so many years. In 2020 just when Covid started she had multiple strokes and lost her mobility. The home her mom was renting was not handicapped-friendly and it was hard for my brother-in-law. It was heartbreaking to see the struggle watching my mother-in-law and brother-in-law trying to get her around the home. So we had a family meeting with our kids to discuss the situation and what they thought about if we moved to a bigger home so we can help take care of Grandma and help their uncle out, then we prayed. We all voted yes! then my wife discussed with her mother and brother about the idea and they agreed. My wife’s mother wanted to be sure we found a home we wanted to live at not based around her.

So we started our mission to find a home big enough that I can set up for handicapped accessibility at a minimal time, a separate living area for my brother in law who has been the caretaker, dream home, and the cost we can afford how hard can that be? Our realtor and friend were able to sell our home in a day half and found the perfect home about 30 minutes from where we lived going into farmland. The property even had a separate apartment that was perfect for my brother-in-law.

Later 2021 We had to say our final goodbye to my wife’s mother as she was buried in Southern California. As we dealt with loss and hearing other friends going through family loss it made 2021 a rougher year than 2020. While in Southern California we met up with my 79-year-old mother coping with dementia and were able to have her agree to move from Southern California to the small town we live in North Carolina. So we can help take care of her and for her get to know her grandchildren. Two months later I flew to Southern California to help with the selling of my mom’s home and drove her across the country in a Uhaul. Since she has moved here we have been able to strengthen our relationship and she indicated she is glad that she move here though it was a rough start adjusting.

The start of 2022 has started smoother and we are working on our relationships with our families with my mother and my wife’s aunt and cousins that live about an hour away from us. I make a commitment to pray for all of our family members every morning. Sometimes we let work take over and make excuses why we can’t make a family or friends event. You need to know when to cut off so you can make that event, it could make difference to another family member or friend that you just showed up. It will even help you strengthen the relationship when you make time for another family member or friend. Most likely you have heard this before but maybe at this time, you needed a reminder like I was reminded this last year! Thank you for taking the time to read and May God Bless you all.


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