Just before Christmas of 2018 I decided to go back to using the iphone from the Samsung galaxy. Friends were surprised I went back to the iphone. Since the rest of my family was going back to the iphone and lot of photo hardware tools tended to work better with ios vs android it was a good time to switch back. Surprising im glad I did. I decided to go with the iPhone Xr the customer reviews seemed to be better and did not really see the benefit of the dual camera yet for my needs.

Near the end of the last year my job expanded the area I cover for another brand within our company. For me this means more travel to the new offices and areas I have never been at. Most of the offices are in smaller towns and with small regional airports. I have had to learn how to pack lighter do to flying on much smaller plane. Half the time my second carry on ends up underneath the plane and have to go lighter with my work laptop bag so it can fit better underneath the plane seat. I would usually would have my travel camera Sony A6000 with couple prime lenses. I have had to leave that camera behind more because keep my packing light.

So this were the iPhone Xr come into play. Im not going to replace my nicer cameras but its in my pocket at all times and I can post edit on my camera or computer. Now I am not going to get the Bokeh I like but I can try to be creative when I have breaks in between. I want to use this phone for video for 2019. This last week was the first time I left travel camera behind as I travelled to NW Arkansas for business.

Since I had to travel to different offices in NW Arkansas I did not stay at the same hotel each night. I was fortunate that I found a hotel that is a historical site that was an old mill with the original water wheel on the side of the building. The next morning I got up at sunrise and took time getting pictures of this unique hotel. The one challenge that I knew I was going to have is the sun in the back ground since I did not have filters this would be a challenge. Options be creative. My tip is always be different, look on google and see what type of pictures that have been taken already, come up with your style and something different.

After I got some picture I did some b-roll footage if I ever want to use it later. 2019 will be the year that I use the iPhone Xr for my business travel photography and videos. Follow me on instagram. http://instagram/stormannormanphotos


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